Sustainable Eating the Easy Way

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If you are eager to put a stop to your over consumption of food, then why not begin 2021 on a  sustainable eating mission. When you hear about sustainable eating, you might think it’s all about going vegan, eating lentils and pulses, and relinquishing the joys of meat forever. However, this isn’t what twenty first century sustainable eating is all about. To be sustainable means being mindful of what you are eating, ensuring that there is less waste at the end of the week going into your garbage, and eating healthy grub that isn’t produced halfway across the world adding to your carbon footprint. Take a look at these simple ways to eat sustainably.

Eat Less Meat

While eating sustainably doesn’t mean putting a ban on all meat products in your household, you do need to consider eating less meat. Doing this will ensure that you help the ozone layer and contribute to the lessening of global warming. While pretty gross, cows and other farmed animals produce methane that is harmful to the atmosphere. Less meat means less damage. By consuming less meat, over farming is less likely to occur. If you eat meat every day, why not consume a meat meal only three times a week. Cutting down means that you can afford to research sustainable ways of getting hold of your meat. Places like Superior Farms pride themselves on raising their lambs well and doing their bit to save the planet by not over farming and only producing meat for more local consumers.

Eat More Vegetables

By eating more vegetable based meals, you can do your bit to eat more sustainably and healthily. You may assume that fresh vegetables cost more, but you’d be wrong. A spinach and butternut squash curry is massively cheaper than a meat alternative and can be more filling and fewer calories. This is great if you want to lose weight or if you want to watch your purse strings. Being more vegetable-friendly in your eating allows you to enjoy all of the different antioxidants that vegetables can afford you. Go for the rainbow of vegetables and enjoy carrots, beets, red peppers, and greens. This will give you a super healthy and nutritious diet without breaking the bank.

If you are eager to waste less, plan out your meals in advance. Have a weekly timetable in the same way as you would normally budget and watch how, at the end of the week, your food waste will be so much less.

Grow Your Own

With the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic, people began to look into growing their own food. Think about growing from seed and following the guidance on the packets. It may seem tricky, but by having some composts, some pots, some seeds, and a windowsill, you can grow herbs and chili peppers and tomatoes very easily. By doing this simple activity, you can feel more connected to the food that you eat and you will enjoy bringing your food from your windowsill to your plate.

Follow this very simple guide and you can commence on a wonderful sustainable eating journey.

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