Three Vegetables That Will Benefit Your Health

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You probably remember all the times as a child your mother or your father told you to eat your vegetables. However, you may not have understood why eating vegetables were so beneficial for your health. 

Maybe even now as an adult, you have difficulty eating vegetables. Here is a look at some of the most popular and nutritious vegetables and why you should be eating them.


Eating just a cup of carrots per day contains all the vitamin A that you will need for the day. Vitamin A is essential for helping you to have good eyesight. 

One of the best ways to get a healthy serving of carrots per day is by drinking carrot juice. The best way to drink carrot juice by making it in a juicer. 

When you drink raw carrot juice, it goes directly into your bloodstream, immediately giving you all the benefits without any preservatives or additives.


Cucumbers have very few calories and they are high in antioxidants and low in sugar. A lot of people swear by them for weight loss because they do not contain fat and are low in calories.

This makes them an excellent snack if you are trying to lose weight.

Cucumbers contain antioxidants, these prevent free radicals from accumulting and reduces your risk of getting a chronic disease.This makes them one of the healthiest foods you can eat. 


Pumpkins contain several vitamins that boost your Immume System. It is high in beta-carotene just like carrot .Beta carotene is turned into Vitamin A by the body.

The vitamin A that you get from pumpkins can help to boost your immune system. Pumpkin also contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin can increase your white blood cells production. This makes your immune cells work faster and wounds on your skin heal a lot faster.

Getting Enough Nutrients

Each of these foods contain so many minerals it is a good idea to try to incorporate them into your diet as much as possible. As mentioned before you can get a lot of vitamin A from drinking the juice.

However, you can do a lot more with carrots, including putting it in a salad. Cucumbers are also a great choice for salads. 

Pumpkins can be used to make pies and they can also be boiled and eaten. If you prefer the best of both world’s you can try making one of the many delicious avial recipe

Avial can be made using carrots, pumpkins and cucumbers and is very nutritious.

Eat Well

It is commonly said that you are what you eat. This is true because what you eat determines how you feel and even how your skin looks. 

It is important that you eat all the right foods in order to get the proper nutrients to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Carrots, cucumbers, and pumpkins are among the most nutritious food that you can eat.

Combine them whenever you can or eat them by themselves so that you can get all the nourishment you need.

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