Seafood Heaven: Hong Kong

There are lots of great places around the world that are known for delicious seafood, and Hong Kong is one of these. If you are someone who likes to try a wide range of dishes, Hong Kong will delight with unusual cuisine that you have never tried before. 

Should you ever get the pleasure of travelling to Hong Kong, you will want to try one of the restaurants below. For now, though, you can get your seafood fix by trying out recipes at home! After all, travel is not something we can all do freely at the moment. These delicious smoked salmon recipes are a good place to start. Plus, it is always good when you don’t have to cook the fish, right?

So let’s take a look at some of the restaurants in Hong Kong that have resulted in it having such a credible name:

Rainbow Seafood – You will find Rainbow Seafood on the waterfront at Sok Kwu Wan. The restaurant has its own ferries. You will want to go to this venue with an empty stomach, as the portions are big, to say the least. Some of the best dishes to try include Baked Lobster and Rainbow Fish Garoupa. 

Jumbo Kingdom – Jumbo Kingdom is one of the biggest floating restaurants in the world and so you can be sure of a unique dining experience. If you have a special celebration coming up this is the type of restaurant where you can have an evening to remember. There are more than 100 dishes to choose from, yet the Steamed Garoupa comes highly recommended, as does the Flamed Drunken Shrimp. 

Shun Kala Typhoon Shelter – Shun Kala Typhoon Shelter is also a floating restaurant, yet it offers a completely different experience to Jumbo Kingdom. This restaurant offers a set menu, with the Typhoon Shelter-Styled Chilli Crab being one of the most popular options. While the seafood is delicious, there is no denying that the experience is what sets this place apart. When visiting the Shun Kala Typhoon Shelter, you will be picked up from Causeway Bay Pier and rowed to the floating kitchen where your meal is served to you on your boat.

The Boathouse – The Boathouse restaurant can be found on Stanley Main Street. This three-story restaurant stands out for its bright blue colour, making it hard to miss, but it is the seafood that is the star of the show. The Black Mussels with a luxurious and creamy White Wine and Garlic Sauce are one of the most popular dishes on the menu while the King Prawn Jambalaya is also assured to go down a treat.

Limewood – A lot of people think that Limewood serves the best seafood in Hong Kong. You can expect to indulge in dishes from all over South East Asia and Southern America, as they offer fusion cooking from Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii and much, much more. The restaurant, which is situated right on the beach, prides itself on using premium quality local ingredients. This means that their seafood is delivered fresh daily, with dishes ranging from Scallop and Banana Tartare to Roasted Whole Line Caught Sea Bass. 

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