Tips For Making Comfort Food

Comfort food is the food of gods. It’s something that many of us will have in similarities but these dishes will often be unique due to it being down to the individual who makes it and puts their own spin on the dish. If you’ve yet to make any type of comfort food or you want a bit of inspiration on how to make it, then here are some tips for making comfort food.

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Use family recipes

Firstly, a good way of making comfort food is by digging down deep into your family’s recipe book. You may have certain family members who work from memory and if that’s the case, then you’ll want to get sat down with that individual so you can take notes of how they make the delicious comfort foods they’ve made for you in the past.

With comfort food, it’s usually something that brings you joy and perhaps has nostalgia or times of trouble where you’ve eaten the food to feel better and ultimately, comforted. So family recipes tend to be the first place that most will look when it comes to the creation of comfort food. 

Load it up with cheese

There often is a staple ingredient that ends up in most comfort food and that’s good old fashioned cheese. Even this homemade philly cheesesteak casserole has it in, if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration. Whether you’re making beans on toast or perhaps loading up a spaghetti and meatball combo, get that cheese on there and don’t be shy about how much you put on the dish itself. The more the merrier!

Consider combining different types of cheese too as that can often elevate the flavors too.

Keep it simple

Often enough, comfort food is usually very simple and doesn’t really require a lot of effort. That’s why it’s comfort food because to make it, you don’t need to get too complex with ingredients or the process in which you make it. So with that being said, try to keep the comfort food as simple as possible and that means you’ve also got less washing up to do at the end of the cooking too!

With condiments, try to keep this simple as well but if you love flavorings, then salt, pepper and perhaps some herbs and spices will go down well.

Use your favourite plate or bowl

When it comes to making comfort food, there’s always that one bowl or plate that usually gets used the most. So with that said, make sure you have a favorite bowl or plate in which that comfort food can go in. It only adds more to the experience and can really make it a lot more enjoyable as a result. Also think about the type of dish you’re having and ensure it’s suitable for the food you’re having and it doesn’t cause any issues.

Making comfort food is a lot of fun and it can bring a lot of joy and of course, comfort when eating it.

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