Skipper’s Canteen

Skipper’s Canteen is a new sit down restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Since Marc and I always like to dine in as many new places as possible on our trips, it was a must. We also had heard so many great reviews and couldn’t wait for our meal. Oh my goodness, it was everything we hoped for and more! The first thing to know about this place is that it is an offshoot of the famous jungle cruise ride. That meant that our server made the puns and jokes flow freely just like on the ride. He was a complete riot! That fun atmosphere was a great start to the meal. The second thing to know is that the food is very global. There are Asian, African and South American influences since those are the places the ride takes you.

That wouldn’t have meant much though if the food was not up to snuff. Let me tell you, it was. Florida was pretty chilly when we were there, so we started off with soup. This was a super spicy hot and sour soup with tofu that had loads of flavor. We loved it, but it is definitely not for people who don’t like spice! It really was hot on every level.
Then I made the rest of my meal out of appetizers. The first was an order of cachapas. They were these fluffy little corn cakes topped with mojo pork, avocado sauce and black bean salad. It was one of my favorite things I ate on the whole trip!
I tried the steamed shu mai next. I was in love. The filling was a blend of shrimp, pork and edamame with lots of great seasoning. The gyoza skin was perfectly tender. I absolutely loved them.
We split dessert at the end and chose the chocolate cake with caramelized banana and cashew caramel icing. It was delicious! I expected it to be warm and it wasn’t but it still tasted wonderful.

I would highly recommend trying Skipper’s Canteen the next time you’re in Magic Kingdom. It’s perfect to head over to after or before you go on the jungle cruise! The fun atmosphere and even more fun food make it so worth your while. Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Skipper's Canteen
Skipper’s Canteen

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  1. Are shu mai sort of like dumplings? I haven’t heard of them but it looks amazing!! And what I would give to be at Magic Kingdom right now! Sounds amazing!

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