4 Tips To Find Comfort In Food

The idea of comfort and food is typically painted as a potential risk for your health. Indeed, it seems you can’t find comfort in your food without overindulging. But is that true? 

So many people claim they find cooking peaceful and relaxing. And when you think about it, some of the most famous chefs are far from being overweight, even though they insist they love food. In other words, what are we missing that makes food not only comforting but also good for us? Here are a few tips to make peace with your favorite dishes and flavors without the need for unhealthy quantities or additives. 

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Create a fun kitchen space

Did you know that the first place to be healthy and sensible with your food is the kitchen? While it doesn’t mean you should revamp your kitchen, you’d be surprised by how much difference a few changes can make. Maximizing the potential of your kitchen is all about making it fun to cook. Start by ensuring you’ve got the right equipment for the job. While any professional can teach you that you can do pretty much anything with a knife and a pan, you need to invest in a GOOD knife and pan! Then, the addition of a few shelves, for instance, can be helpful to keep your spices in sight. You’ll be less tempted by the bottle of ketchup if you’ve got yummy spices available! And why not play a little music when you cook? 

Sure you can order food, but choose wisely

Admittedly, we all have bad days when we’re too tired or lazy to cook. Contrary to what you’ve earned, ordering food is no diet sin. You can find delicious, balanced, and healthy food such as the L.A. Mex take on tacos that combines lean protein and plenty of vegetables. In other words, ordering a takeaway doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s up to you to pick nutritious options — and thankfully, there are plenty of them! 

It doesn’t have to look picture perfect

Nowadays, you can find recipes in a few seconds. Unfortunately, whether you’re using your favorite book or following a recipe online, you can be disappointed if you don’t meet your expectations. Professional recipes are always accompanied by high-quality photography. As for online recipes, you can be sure that no blogger takes a photo of their first attempt. More often than not, you get to see the result of many hours of effort and potentially many different attempts. So, sure it looks glorious. But that doesn’t mean that your rustic-looking dish will not be delicious. Relax; you don’t run a restaurant. It’s okay if things are not picture perfect. 

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Everything tastes better with pretty plates

You eat with your eyes. Choosing a beautiful plate can instantly make your meal appear tastier. Don’t be afraid of spending a little extra on your plates and bowls. Not only will they make your dish look more appealing, but they are also super-helpful if you’re trying to control your cravings. Did you know that you’re less likely to overeat or choose unhealthy food if you’ve got a pretty plate? 

Food and comfort can coexist in your everyday life without any of the dreaded health consequences. With a few changes, such as making your kitchen more welcoming or changing your plating tools, you can unlock the great joy of eating healthy food without any cravings. 

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