Six Travel Destinations For Foodies

No trip would be complete if it didn’t have a great foodie scene. Some countries are great to visit for their sight and excursions, but if you can’t enjoy a great breakfast, indulging lunch, and unforgettable dinner, then as a foodie, you are missing something. When putting together our list of six travel destinations for foodies, we wanted to include countries that we would have a great time visiting. If you love to enjoy a meal out or dine in unique places, take a read through our list.

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Take a trip to Paris, France

Combine great food with a delicious glass of wine in one of the foodie capitals of the world. Paris is a real food heaven with many world-class restaurants dotted around the city. Plan yourself a trip for at least five days and see what the city has to offer. Start the day with a selection of freshly baked French pastries before heading into the city for a sightseeing experience ending with a romantic meal for two looking over the Eiffel Tower. Before choosing a restaurant, look online and find one with a review list from past travelers that impresses, to ensure you won’t be making the wrong choice.

Authentic Pizza in Italy

Love pasta and pizza? Why not head to Italy and indulge in both. Italy’s best thing is that tradition flows throughout their cities with different destinations offering their specialties. Head to Genoa for some of the best pesto pasta in the world – it did originate here after all. Visit Tuscany for a rich glass of wine paired with a well-cooked fish, or Rome for a pizza slice while looking on to the Colosseum. No matter the destination, you’re sure to have a great time. You can always try making your own pizza before your trip to get into the spirit.

Visit Japan and head to Tokyo

If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll have already experienced how good Japanese food can be. Tokyo is an excellent spot if you want a further taste of this cuisine. Each neighborhood within Tokyo has an entirely different offering making each a unique experience. From the food stalls to the convenience store (which you can get seasonal and fresh foods from) and the restaurants, everyone has something. Make sure you visit Tsukiji Fish Market; it ranks highly on many publications, and once you visit, you will know why.

Explore the food scene in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has grown to be one of the most developed cities in Thailand and is a great destination to try authentic Thai dishes. If you haven’t been, you will want to experience the floating markets as they are a sight to behold. Food stalls in Bangkok tend to specialize in a couple of dishes resulting in better quality courses. For example, a tempura bar will only offer tempura, a noddle bar, only noodles, etc. This means they can specialize in their niche and serve perfect dishes time after time.

Enjoy the foodie scene in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has many cities that will entice foodaholics from all over. In particular, Lisbon is a must-visit. Just wandering around the city, you will get lost in the quaint streets with their many restaurants, bars, and cafes to indulge in. Time Out opened a food market in 2014, while there are many rooftop restaurants that you can enjoy a meal in; while taking in the sights from a height. Lisbon has an ever-growing market for a foodie that’s improving year in year out. As well as exploring the food scene, there is also plenty to do; make sure you visit the Monastery of Jerónimos for a history lesson or take a trip to Tróia for the beautiful beaches.

Discover New York and its offerings

If your friends or family are fussy with food, New York is the place to visit. There is something for everyone in New York; to some, it’s the culinary capital of the world. From award-winning restaurants to famous street vendors, you can dine somewhere every day, experiencing new cuisines and cultures. Another great thing about New York is the many sights there are to see; from the empire state building, central park, and the statue of liberty, you can easily stay two weeks and not get bored at all.

It is hard to decide which one will be next for your culinary adventure with so many destinations to visit. The five above are great destinations, but there are so many others you could visit instead. Try and choose a place you haven’t been before and enjoy the culture and authenticity that country brings. Let us know in the comment box below where your next foodie destination will be.

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