Prepare Hassle-Free Healthy Meals

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A lot of people are put off of cooking healthy meals because of the time and effort it takes to prepare them. However, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore if you’ve got the right utensils. Below are just a few tools that can make preparing healthy meals simpler. 


Using a grater is a lot easier than having to finely chop ingredients. Most people use graters for cheese, but they can also be used to grate carrots, lemon zest, ginger, cucumbers and many other fruits and vegetables. Some of the best graters have different types of serrated surface for different types of grating. Some also have boxes to collect grated ingredients.

Garlic presses

Garlic is a staple ingredient of many Mediterranean and Asian dishes and has numerous health benefits. Rather than trying to finely cut garlic cloves with a knife, consider buying yourself a garlic press if you haven’t already got one. These tools can take a lot of the effort out of cooking with garlic. 

Chopping machines

There are various chopping machines on the market that you can buy that can reduce the need to chop vegetables with a knife. This includes manual chopping machines such as the famous Slap Chop slicer advertised by Vince Offer. There are also various electric vegetable choppers on the market that you can use. 

Slow cookers

Slow cookers can be left to cook food throughout the day without you having to keep attending to them. They also use less energy than using an oven or stove. Popular foods cooked in a slow cooker include casseroles, curries, lasagnes and soups. Check out this post by Madison Flager of Delish for some healthy slow cooker recipes. 

Air fryers

Deep fried foods can be very unhealthy. An alternative healthy way to fry foods is to use an air fryer. These fryers rely on a fan, which circulates hot air in order to cook the food, leaving a similar brown crispiness to if you were to fry in oil. They can be great for frying foods like chicken, chickpeas, brussel sprouts and potatoes. If you love fried foods, consider whether it’s time you bought yourself an air fryer. 

Soup makers

A soup maker could help you to make your own delicious soups. These contraptions can blend ingredients into a soup and then heat the mixture up all in one container. Some soup makers also have low-heat options to keep soup warm for several hours. There are lots of healthy soup ideas that you can look into online – if you love soups, this is definitely a gadget worth looking into. 

Digital scales

Need to measure out some ingredients? A digital scale could be worth investing in. Digital scales are more accurate than analog scales and are easier to read. Some even double up as chopping boards, helping you to save countertop space. Many digital scales are battery-operated, while others plug into a wall.