Less Sweet Alternatives to All Your Favorite Desserts

Desserts are a wonderful invention. Who doesn’t want to tuck into a delicious cheesecake after munching on a steak? 

Unfortunately, some of us find desserts a little too sugary for our liking. They’re almost sickly, especially after you’ve eaten something savoury

That’s why, in this post, we take a look at some slightly less sweet alternatives that can make your meal experience all the more enjoyable. See them for yourself below. 

Almond-Cashew Espresso Chocolate Torte

Unsplash – CC0 License

This chocolate torte idea is completely delicious and something that everyone should make at least once in their lives. It includes a little bit of refined sugar, but that’s offset by the bitterness of the coffee grounds. What’s more, the dates add a subtle natural sweetness that isn’t as “in your face” as refined sugar. 

Making this recipe is simple. Find a regular torte tin and then make the crust by combining almonds, oats, dates, hazelnuts and coconut oil in a food processor. You should get something with a slightly pasty consistency. Then, once made, press this mixture into the baking tin. Easy so far. If it is too crumbly, add more dates. Use oats sparingly. 

Next, make the chocolate topping. Combine agave nectar with dates, cocoa powder, coffee grounds and cashews blended with water. Then pour the mixture over the top of the base, adding some dried fruit or nuts on top for decoration. Then put it in the freezer to chill and solidify. 

Swiss Buttercream-Topped Cupcake

Unsplash – CC0 License

American buttercream has a bit of a bad rap for being super sweet. That’s because manufacturers make it using glucose syrup and sugar. Swiss buttercream, on the other hand, is far less sweet. 

Check out this swiss buttercream recipe at https://sugargeekshow.com/. It goes through how to make this European style of buttercream which is much less sweet than the American version. 

Banana Soft Serve

Unsplash – CC0 License

Ice cream can be incredibly sweet. But thanks to some innovating experimenters out there, you don’t have to make do with sickly store-bought options. You can make your own from bananas. 

The way it works is incredibly simple. Go to the store and buy a bunch of bananas. Peel them and chop the flesh into small blocks and place in the freezer. Then, once frozen, put them in your food processor and whizz them up. They should form a nice, gooey consistency. 

Black Bean Brownies

Unsplash – CC0 License

Regular brownies are a massive favorite. There’s nothing quite like the taste of warm chocolate. But did you know that you can also make them from beans for a slightly more savory taste? 

Start by grabbing yourself some black beans – one of the healthiest foods around. Blackbeans are great for this recipe because of their mild, subtle flavour. Blend them well in the food process so that the skin particles become tiny. Then add some cocoa, quick oats, salt, maple syrup, stevia, baking powder and vanilla extract. (Stevia may be healthy according to https://www.healthline.com/). Continue processing until all the ingredients are mixed together. Then bake at 350F for 15 minutes.