Could You Save Money on Food and Drink?

It’s safe to say that our shopping bills can be a huge source of our disposable income. Especially when you have a family. Some of us can prefer the expensive convenience foods to save us time, while others buy more than what they need. We all have our food shopping sins. With that in mind, here are a few handy tips that might be able to shave a few pounds off your weekly shopping bill. Every little helps.  

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Think about where you shop

If you have the luxury of time, then think about where you shop. Going to that big supermarket just because it is convenient may be costing you more than it should be. There are many budget shopping outlets these days that sell some amazing produce. If you can get to a local market then even better. You may think that traveling to a few different shops may cost you in travel expenses. But in the grand scheme of things some of the savings you could make, will by far exceed what it costs to get there. 

Avoid buying drinks 

There is no doubt about it, water is the best way to ensure that you save money on the food shop because you don’t need to have excessive drinks. A fridge that dispenses water freely is a great way to encourage the whole family to enjoy a cold glass of water. You can easily get parts and a replacement filter to ensure the water is quality. This could stop you buying caffeinated drinks or drinks that are full or sugar. Which are not only bad for you, but also expensive. 

Make a list and meal plan

The best way to save money on your food bill is to write a list before you go to the shops and meal plan. Meal planning allows you to be more organised for the week ahead. You can decipher what you need, and it also means you can use up what you already have. Writing a list also means that you are less likely to buy more than what you need. 

Make the most out of the ingredients you buy

Making the most out of your ingredients means you can overall save money. Food waste is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to your weekly shopping. As a country, we throw away a lot of food. The way you store your ingredients is important to maximise their potential and freshness, so you may need to check if your fridge is working correctly. You could also find some alternative ways to use up the ingredients; this means you may get some extra use for meals ahead. Your freezer can be a real asset for this. 

Batch cook

Finally, batch cooking is a great way to save some money. Sometimes buying things in bulk can offer you a saving overall. If you can spend an afternoon making things like pasta sauces, lasagnas and curries you can just then package them up for the freezer. This enables you to pull out a nutritious meal even when you don’t have much time. If you can make a few meals out of certain ingredients, this should save you some money overall on our weekly shop. 

Let’s hope these tips help you save money on your food bills. 

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