3 Different Types of Burgers You Must Try!

The humble hamburger is what everyone thinks of when burgers are on the menu. However, a burger doesn’t have to be made out of beef! Beef burgers or hamburgers are simply one of many different burger ideas you can try. If you’re looking for a change, here are three alternatives that are well worth adding to your menu:

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Chicken burgers

Chicken burgers are completely different from hamburgers in the way they’re made. Firstly, you tend to have a fillet of chicken between two buns, rather than a ground-up piece of meat. Instantly, the texture of the burger is entirely different – and the chicken flavors also add another level to the meal. There are so many ways you can flavor chicken to make it juicy and packed full of all sorts of spices. You can grill it, bake it – do whatever you want with it. Chicken breasts can be battered and fried or eaten with no coating. The possibilities are endless, and chicken burgers are also less fatty and healthier for you!

Lamb and mint burgers

Lamb is one of the most underrated meats out there. It’s not something you think about having that often, and when you do, you usually consider lamb chops. Nevertheless, lamb and mint burgers are an absolute treat. The key to a good lamb burger is finding the lamb from a reliable source. Places like Superior Farms are always a good option as you know the lamb comes straight from the farm to your plate. The lamb burger itself looks similar to a beef burger – and the texture is also the same – but there are some subtle differences in how it tastes. For one, lamb and mint go together extremely well, creating a very unique flavor. It almost feels like you’re eating a delicious kebab in a bun! If you haven’t tried this type of burger before, now is the perfect time to give it a go. 

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Vegan burgers

Who needs meat to have a good burger? Nowadays, there’s a wealth of vegan burger options for you to try. Bean burgers are highly popular, usually consisting of a mixture of chickpeas, black beans, and many other herbs and spices. When mashed and blitzed together, you can make patties that turn into incredibly flavorful burgers. This type of burger is probably the healthiest around as well! But, you can also get lots of fake meat burgers as well – some are much better than others. Most people on vegan diets will say that burgers made mainly from pea protein tend to be the best. The Beyond Burger is certainly leading the pack at the moment, looking, tasting, and smelling like a real beef burger!

You see, you don’t need beef to have a good burger! With summer coming up faster than you can believe, it means BBQ season is in the air. Perhaps these burger ideas will help you switch things up on the grill this year. They’re well worth trying, and you might end up preferring them to a classic hamburger!

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