Top Exotic Foods You Should Try Out

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What better way to experience a new culture than through its exquisite culinary meals? Traveling to new destinations involves visiting the various attractions and engaging in sightseeing activities; the culinary experience also largely plays a part in making the trip complete.

Different cultures have different and unique ways of making and artistically presenting their meals. As a tourist, you get the chance to diversify your palate by trying out different meals. If you are a food enthusiast, then this is the right article for you.

Give your mouth an adventurous experience by trying out the foods below:

Tea Leaf Salad

A popular Burman dish, Tea Leaf Salad comprises fermented tea leaves, cabbage, sesame seeds, garlic, peanuts, oil, onion, lime, and shrimp powder.

The meal may not look appealing to the eye, but it is appealing to your tongue. Once you take a bite, you may be overwhelmed by the soggy feel of the dish; however, by your third bite, you will certainly be ordering more.

Also known as Lahpet, the meal is a national delicacy and is commonly served to guests visiting a home. In Burmese society, it is identified as a sign of hospitality.

Chiles En Nogada

If you’re traveling to Mexico, this is one Mexican food you should try out. The dish is made up of picadillo-stuffed poblano chilies, then topped with a cream sauce made of walnuts (nogada), parsley, and pomegranate seeds.

The meal is popularly believed to have originated in 1821, where the nuns from the Santa Monica Convent prepared it during the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The meal is seasonally available between August and the first half of September. If you’d want to experience this sweet and savory meal, you should plan your trip during this period.

Pani Puri

Pan Puri is a famous Indian street food that stands out from the rest. Puri is a bread that has been deep-fried and turned into a hollow ball shape.

Flavored water is then used to fill the hollowed-out part of the puri. The delicacy lies in the flavored water, which is made of cilantro, mint, and tamarind.

Pan Puri is a light meal that you can snack on as you explore and discover various attractions along your expedition. The meal became popular in the country due to the 20th Century migration.


Shakshuka is composed of chilies, eggs, and tomatoes put together to tingle your taste buds. The dish has grown in popularity over different regions; however, its preparation in its country of origin stands out.

Since the dish contains eggs, some people would assume that it is a breakfast dish. It certainly suffices more than an English Breakfast.


Laksa is a common spicy noodle soup composed of wheat noodles, meat, and spicy coconut milk. The wheat noodles can be alternated with either spaghetti or rice vermicelli. The dish is served with either chicken, prawns, or fish.

Various theories exist on the origin of the meal; however, it’s popularly believed to have come about during the Ming Chinese sea expeditions during the 15th Century.

Don’t be scared of trying out something new due to its visual appearance. Most exotic meals may have an unattractive visual appeal, but they may end up having the most exquisite taste you have ever experienced.

If you are unable to travel, you can try out your expertise by cooking the meals yourself.