I write a LOT about Disney on this blog, and it’s all due to my husband. It’s his happy place, and our first ever vacation together we stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I remember walking into our room, looking out the window and seeing zebras and giraffes while he put his arm around me. It was really romantic and I started to tear up. That was how my love affair with Disney began because I was pretty indifferent to it up until that point. 7 years later and he had a conference in Orlando recently. I already wrote about our wonderful experience at California Grill Brunch. Well, now it’s time to talk about Sanaa. It put us back at the scene where it all began at Animal Kingdom lodge which made me happy right away. Before we sat down to eat, we wandered around the walkways outside to watch the animals while the sun started to set. It was heaven.

Then we still got a view when our table was ready. When we requested a window seat, they said it would be an extra 10 minutes and it was worth the wait. Look at that view!! Hi, gorgeous giraffe!! They are such magnificent animals, I just adore them.
Then the food started coming. Sanaa is absolutely renowned for its bread service, and for good reason. You get to choose 5 different breads and you get 9 different dips to really have a total experience. You basically get to mix and match and play with your food, which is so fun. Our favorite was the garlic naan and the tamarind chutney dip. All of the food is heavily Asian and African influenced to tie in with the resort theme and it all has so much flavor.
For my main course I chose the buttered chicken served with scented basmati rice and coconut cilantro veggies. The server told me to just dump it all on the plate and mix it well. That way everything was working together harmoniously. I loved every single bite. The chicken was insanely tender and flavorful.

There was so much food that we had absolutely no room for dessert. I will never forget this dinner though. The food, ambience and animal watching was just so special and I can’t wait to go back again. Hope you all enjoyed this review, let me know what you think! xoxo



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  1. This looks so awesome! These are some of my favorite flavors but adding in that animal view makes it amazing!

  2. Wow, eat dinner while looking at giraffes, sounds like an amazing time!!

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