My Ultimate Charcuterie Platter

Having people over in this house almost always means I put out some kind of cheese platter. It’s such a fantastic way to start a meal or have to munch on during a cocktail party. So I decided to show all of you lovely readers how I assemble my ultimate charcuterie platter! It has a little of everything to make a perfect bite. There are three kinds of cheeses, lots of different cured meats, and some sweet elements to balance it all out.

For the cheeses, I like to go with three very different cheeses. The truffle manchego on the far left is so luxurious and it is always the one that goes first at a party. It’s a slightly harder cheese with gorgeous flavor. Then I have Dubliner cheese in the center. It is one of my favorites with its mild flavor. It’s slightly harder than the manchego, which I like. On the far right I like to do an assertive, smoked cheddar. It’s the softest of the cheeses and I just love the smokey flavor.
Cured meats are just a match made in heaven with cheese, so naturally they make the charcuterie platter as well. I like to put out a selection of black pepper crusted salami for some heat, regular salami, coppa, and prosciutto. They are all so wonderfully flavored, unapologetically salty and cut through the richness of the cheese.
Finally, I like to put out a couple of sweet elements. Some kind of jam is always perfect with crackers and cheese. Fig jam is my jam (see what I did there?), but I also love to put out my homemade rose petal jam when I have it on hand. I also always put out a honey to drizzle on the cheese. This one is a gorgeous truffle infused honey. Oh my gosh, the truffle manchego dipped in the truffle honey is pure bliss.

It is just a matter of arranging all of that on a nice cheeseboard once you have everything put together! I love my slate cheeseboard that I can write on (very clumsily over the ridges in it) with chalk. You can get a very similar one from Amazon here. Best of all, if you purchase through that affiliate link, I make a small profit to help keep the blog going! I hope you all get inspiration from this to put out a killer charcuterie platter at your next gathering!! xoxo

My Ultimate Charcuterie Platter
My Ultimate Charcuterie Platter

10 thoughts on “My Ultimate Charcuterie Platter”

  1. Charcuterie platters are an easy and fast way to compliment any gathering. We also love putting olives and grapes with ours for a little variety and color. That truffle manchego cheese dipped in truffle honey sounds delightful!

  2. That looks delicious! I think I could eat the whole plate right now!

  3. This is the perfect snack option for summer parties or wine tastings. I love the addition of the fig jam for something sweet.

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