Asian Cuisine – Why It’s Time To Delve Into It!

Asian cuisine has reached all corners of the world, giving color, variety, and flavor to numerous dishes that are also healthy. Although within the Asian continent, the culinary diversity is vast, there are common elements in the different regions. They share characteristics, such as the abundance of vegetables, grains and legumes, fermented, quality proteins, and, also, many species are used in it that allows the flavors to stand out. It is a treasured cuisine and doesn’t have to be challenging to cook, even if it feels unobtainable.

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As oriental food, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and Indonesian food are the best known. All of them are healthy due to the ingredients and the techniques used in their preparation, and although each one has something special that defines it, they share some characteristics such as:

• Healthy and very fresh ingredients. 

• Large consumption of vegetables and fruits. 

• Wide use of rice. (steamed) 

• Greater use of fish and white meat and less of red meat. 

• Steam cooking is preferred. 

• Use of different sauces and condiments to flavor foods. 

• Low consumption of fats and sugars.

Oriental cuisine is full of exceptional aroma and flavors; its great value consists of a very healthy and highly balanced eating method, without neglecting the presentation of the dishes that this type of food offers us. We all love noodles, but there are plenty of other benefits that are not just taste!

And what benefits does it give me?

• The low-fat content used in food preparation and the little cooking of the same preserves the quality of the nutrients, preserving their vitamins and proteins. 

• The consumption of fish provides us with unsaturated fats and omega -3 that reduce cardiovascular diseases. 

• Vegetables provide antioxidants and fiber, the latter necessary to improve gastrointestinal health. You will find these benefits in vegetable egg rolls.

Asian food is easy to digest and this has been a known fact in a while. Although a Mediteranean diet is the most popular for people with IBS, Asian food also has some qualities that you won’t want to miss. For example: 

• It is easily digested. 

• It contains significant amounts of B complex vitamins 

• It contains mineral salts that help regulate blood pressure. 

• It is rich in calcium and magnesium.

In many parts of the world, insect consumption is continuing. Insects have been known as ‘snacks’ for some time, and this may be an off-putting aspect of Asian food, but it isn’t a prerequisite. An aspect that has grown in recent years in these countries and has become an essential part of oriental food is the consumption of fermented dairy products with probiotics. Various studies worldwide have shown the beneficial effects that these have on humans’ gastrointestinal health. So once you start to incorporate more Asian food in your diet, you will start to see and feel numerous benefits. Asian cooking doesn’t have to be complicated; take a peek around my blog to see some Asian cuisine recipes for you to enjoy. 

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