Hawaiian Vacation

Sorry it’s been so quiet here my friends. Marc and I took a much needed vacation to Hawaii and we are just getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been in the kitchen getting some recipes ready to post, but in the meantime I wanted to share a bit about our trip! Neither of us had ever been to Hawaii before and we were so excited to see it and enjoy some relaxation. We stayed at Disney’s Aulani resort because it gives both Marc and me what we want. He gets some Disney magic, and I get my relaxing with a drink on the beach.

Aulani is an absolutely gorgeous resort. We had an ocean view room and our first morning we were treated to this beautiful rainbow. There were so many pools and lots of room on the beach. It was best to get out there early though to claim a spot somewhere for the day! There were a lot more people than I’d thought there would be since they aren’t operating at full capacity.
The drinks were delicious though. This was all I wanted in a vacation, folks. I wanted a delicious drink on the beach while reading a book next to my husband reading his book. We also had a lot of fun taking a drive to the North Shore to go to the Polynesian Cultural center, and also take a sobering excursion to Pearl Harbor. So it wasn’t all lying on a beach or pool chair!
One of the highlights of our trip was doing a really fun photo shoot on the beach. We wanted to make sure we captured some beautiful memories since who knows if we will ever make it back to Hawaii. I’d always wanted to do professional photos on a beach since it’s my happy place. Our photographer Stephanie was so incredibly friendly and captured some gorgeous shots.
We ended up going high up on a lava rock formation that night for the photo shoot and there was the most glorious, colorful sunset I had ever seen in my life. Once Stephanie left, Marc and I just stayed there and marveled at it. It was very hard to leave.

I hope you all enjoyed this little peak at our vacation! Things will be going back on as normal with recipes starting later this week. Thanks so much, friends! xoxo