Excited For BBQ Season? Here’s How to Make it Healthier

The sun is out, and the temperatures are going up. Which means barbecue season is just around the corner! Everybody loves an excuse to get the grill out and have friends and family over for a cook-out. But a barbecue isn’t always the best thing when you’re trying to eat healthily. 

It’s easy to overindulge at a barbecue, but the good news is that there are some ways you can make yours much healthier, allowing you to enjoy some outdoor cooking without feeling guilty.

Check out the following tips to help you enjoy healthier barbecues this summer. 

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Go plant-based

One of the simplest ways to make your barbecue a little healthier is to go plant-based with your food choices. There are some incredible things being done by food manufacturers today that make plant-based a tasty alternative to meat-based products. This No Evil Foods review gives some great insight into the future of barbecues. Of course, you can always get creative and make your own too – you can find all kinds of recipes online to help you create some incredible patties.

Try low-fat, high-protein options

Choosing leaner cuts of meat is another way to reduce the amount of fat you consume during a barbecue. There are a lot of low-fat alternatives out there, while choosing lean pork cuts, chicken and turkey amongst other meats can be a great way to enjoy delicious barbecue dishes. Fish and salmon can also make a tasty barbecue food, so think about adding shrimp and salmon to your menu as some tasty alternatives to burgers and hot dogs.

Remember to marinade

If you’re concerned that choosing low-fat options will affect the taste, don’t be. The key is in the marinade. By marinading your food before cooking it, you can help it retain the moisture that will make it tender, while also adding some flavor. There are some great healthy marinade recipes that can help you enjoy a much leaner barbecue without compromising on the taste. You can also tenderize your meat if you’re concerned it’s going to be too tough.

Stock up on healthy sides

Sides are an essential component of any barbecue, helping you and your guests to fill up your plates. Get creative with veggies and make your pasta dishes from scratch – avoiding the added sugar and salt of store-bought sauces. A three-bean salad is an ideal side to have at a barbecue – it’s filling and full of flavor. And just because there are a lot of sides to have, doesn’t mean you can’t be more restrained yourself when choosing what to have.

Barbecue season is the perfect time to try out some new recipes and different ways of cooking. While making burgers, ribs and other treats is great, you can also use your grill to cook some healthier options too. Experiment with different marinades and cuts of meat and find your barbecue favorite this summer.